Becoming “Bankable”

Presenting a financial institution with clear and concise financial reports is only just the start to becoming a religious organization who will qualify for financing with desirable rates and terms. Emanate Consulting will work with your financial team to identify areas of concern for traditional financial institutions and help come up with strategies to improve the overall financial position of your church. If financing is needed Emanate will represent your organization to potential lenders to find a suitable loan package for your organization.

How We Get You There

Emanate will meet with your financial team or staff to comb through your financial reports and identify keep areas of possible improvement. Your Emanate Consultant is also an expert in the key ratios and guidelines a church lender evaluates so, together, we can get your organizations financing needs in line with general loan approval guidelines. Emanate will also be the liaison with an CPA professional if their services are necessary to alleviate the pressure on your volunteers or staff to get the financials ready for a loan proposal. Emanate also has direct access to church friendly banks, including UBT Church Financing, to provide your church organization with a great financing package once you have reached your goals.

Construction Preparation & Administration

Getting ready for a construction project for your organization can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Emanate Consulting can handle the entire process from beginning to end to ensure your church has all of the professionals in place to be successful.

How We Get You There

Selecting the right people to be on your construction team is crucial. Emanate will facilitate that selection process. Emanate Consulting will help you drive the process forward with your building committee, facilitate contractor/architect interviews, assist in owner’s rep selection, assist in construction budget reviews and provide reports on the draw process and construction inspections. Emanate can also be the liaison between the construction of the church and the financing bank.

Strategic Planning

Emanate Consulting will create a plan that includes your organization’s vision, mission, objectives, goals and the strategies identified for reaching goals and objectives. It is critical that these strategies align with the processes and procedures utilized within the organization. Emanate Consulting will ensure that the strategic plan is aligned appropriately and that it is communicated to promote engagement and retention of your staff. The better your employees can align their own values with that of your organization, the more engaged they will be. It is our hope that through this process your retention increases and the engagement of your employees increases their productivity.

How We Get You There

Emanate Consulting will meet with the leadership team within your church. Through a series of meetings, the vision, mission, values, objectives, goals and strategies will be identified. Emanate Consulting will provide guidance to the leadership team on the communication strategy, alignment of processes and procedures throughout the organization to ensure maximum engagement from employees. Emanate Consulting will utilize all the data collected throughout this process to create a comprehensive report for the client.

Campaign Materials & Branding

Streamlined Church Creative Services.

Abstract Union amplifies church and ministry efforts to invite, inform, motivate, and inspire. At your ideal pace and budget, they'll custom-craft various communication assets across multiple disciplines:

  • Brand Identity
  • Print
  • Direct Mail
  • Signage
  • Apparel
  • Video
  • Web
  • Social Media

By making these elements more cohesive, we'll enhance the impact of your messaging and outreach. Plus, the customization, scalability, and affordability of Abstract Union's creative services will aid your overall financial health. Whether you have an in-house communications team or not, the following suite of services could be the difference maker. We trust them, and so can you.

  • Virtual Church Creative Team
    Pay one monthly fee for unlimited design projects and revisions. Basically, Abstract Union becomes your on-demand design professionals with optional implementation logistics.
  • Church Marketing & Outreach Shop
    Get church marketing deliverables start-to-finish with instant quotes for full-service design and implementation.
  • Church Capital Campaign Shop
    Get church capital campaign materials start-to-finish with instant quotes for full-service design and implementation.